SunNav actively participated in the comprehensive practical activities of middle schools in Nankai District, Tianjin, helping students explore the future of IoT technology

Time: 2023-06-21 Author: DataCount:1100

On June 20, 2023, the comprehensive practical activity of Tianjin Nankai District Middle School was a complete success with the support of SunNav. The theme of this event is to combine middle school students' cognitive rules and educational and teaching needs to realize the integrated development of subject education, activity education, and practical education, link knowledge and life, and improve the quality of education.

As a leading company in this field, SunNav actively participated in this event, Xu Xuechao, the head of the company's technical department, go to middle schools to explain the theme of the Internet of Things to students, and introduced SunNav's professional knowledge and technical strength in the satellite positioning and navigation industry. Xu Xuechao explained to the students the importance and application prospects of the Internet of Things in the future, and encouraged them to be more purposeful in choosing majors in college and in future work.

SunNav's participation is not only to introduce the company's business to the students, but more importantly, to show them the potential and development prospects of the technology industry. By cooperating with schools, SunNav has built a platform for students to learn about IoT technology and industry applications, encouraging them to choose technology-related fields in their future study and career planning.

This event not only gave students a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things, but also cultivated their innovative spirit and practical ability. The participation of SunNav has fully explored the high-quality resources of the school and surrounding areas, enabling students to closely connect the knowledge they have learned with real life, and improve their comprehensive and core literacy.

SunNav understands the importance of education to the society. By supporting practical activities in schools, they hope to provide more opportunities for students to learn and grow in practice, and to contribute to the development of science and technology in the future. This kind of active social participation not only helps to improve students' scientific and technological literacy, but also establishes a positive and responsible corporate image for SunNav in the society.

SunNav will continue to be committed to technological innovation and social responsibility, and will continue to make breakthroughs and progress in the field of satellite positioning and navigation. They will continue to cooperate with educational institutions to cultivate more talents and contribute to the sustainable development of society.


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