Chinese delegation attends the 2013 ICG working group intermediate meetings

Time: 2015-05-06 Author: DataCount:4460

(Special correspondent Lu Xiaochun) The International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) Compatibility and Interoperability working group (WG-A), Enhancement Performance of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Services working group (WG-B) intermediate meetings were held in Vienna on Austria on June 11 to 13. More than 40 delegates and experts from China, the United States, Russia, the European Union, Italy and Japan attended the meetings. More than 10 delegates and experts sent by China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO) took part in it.

The WG-A conference was co-chaired by chairmans of the working group from the United States and Russia. Compatibility spectrum protection, interoperability, information sharing and public service performance monitoring and other issues were discussed, as well as potential suggestions of WG-A in ICG-8 meetings, and work arrangements were proposed before ICG-8 meetings.

The WG-B conference was chaired by Chairman of WG-B from ESA. Experts from different countries made technical reports. The outcomes of application sub-working group meeting held in May during the Fourth China Satellite Navigation Conference in Wuhan. GNSS space services, satellite-based augmentation and advanced autonomous integrity monitoring were mainly discussed. And General work plans before ICG-8 were made.

During the meeting, Chinese delegates introduced the latest progress of Beidou satellite navigation system, displayed the related research results, and actively participate in the discussion, which will promote the development of the compatibility and interoperability among GNSS systems and of GNSS system applications.

WG-A, one of ICG four working groups, has more issues to discuss. It has the same work target with ICG that is to promote the compatibility and interoperability among GNSS systems, and the same work contents with the Provider’s Forum.

WG-B talks about navigation signal vulnerability, navigation and communication integration, GNSS space service, enhanced system interoperability and so on. Now WG-B has caught more and more attention.

These working group intermediate meetings are very important for ICG-8, which involves all contents of WG-A and main contents of WG-B. Outcomes of the meetings will be important input for the two working groups to put forward next year’s work proposals at ICG-8.



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