SunNav Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in researching and manufacturing high-precision GNSS motherboard and industrial GNSS products. Our aim is to provide the high-quality and high-security GNSS products and services. We have an experienced core technology R&D team, who has been unremitting efforts to research and develop the new GPS and GNSS technologies.

Company focus on core technologies innovation, breaking the barriers of foreign technical, and breakthroughs the bottleneck of joint positioning for high-precision GNSS signal reception, core algorithms and so on. We strive to become the leading supplier of GNSS products.

And company also has another experienced team for system integration, GNSS deformation monitoring, GNSS mechanical control, which can provides comprehensive, high-precision, and multi-industrial solution for customers. Such as:The series high-precision GNSS motherboard and related solutions Automated real-time deformation monitoring system Mechanical control system based on GNSS technology and location for special vehicle.


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